5 Reasons Why Sell with Us?


    If you have decided to sell your property, it will not come as a surprise to know that selling property is an emotionally draining and surprisingly time-consuming task. It can be more intense if you are selling for the first time. Sometimes it becomes so exasperating that you may start feeling that your privacy is being intruded upon since strangers will come, poke around, and may fiddle with closets and cabinets in your home. To top it all off, prospective buyers will offer less than what your home is worth. Isn’t all this frustrating?


    Save yourself from the frustration that comes along with selling your property by entrusting all your responsibilities to us. Jasmine Real Estate is a trusted real estate agency in the South Eastern Suburbs and is dedicated to make the process of selling your properties stress-free and systematic.


    Quick glance at the advantages of dealing with us:

            Our personal approach by knowing each individual buyer personally and matching them to a home they want to live in

            Streamlined processes supported by technology. 

            24/7 open so we do not miss any query  

            Dedicated account and property manager for each client 

            Ensuring maximum exposure of your property to prospective buyers

            Fixed fees and no hidden charges 


    1)      Get the Price worth your Property. 

    As a seller of the property, what is it that you least expect? It's the best price for your asset, isn’t it? That is what we aspire for you: we ensure you get maximum worth on your property with minimum fuss. We possess an all-inclusive understanding of the neighborhoods and local Southeastern Suburbs property market. We work with a database of hot buyers for whom buying a home to live in is the number one priority. This ensures that you deal only with genuine buyers who need a home so they can dive deep into their pocket to offer the best worth of your property.  [1] 


    2)      The Technology you can Trust.

    We put technology to best use in selling your property making the processes convenient for end-users. We use PropertyMe, a highly acclaimed CRM and Australia’s largest and most complete cloud property management software. Aside from this software, we use different websites to post your property, so it gets maximum exposure in the property market. Your property is listed on the major real estate portals like www.domain.com.auwww.realestate.com.au, etc., where any potential buyer can access its details in real time.


    3)      Smart marketing means maximum exposure.

    Adopting smart promotion strategies is crucial to market your property effectively. Our marketing plans are smarter and tailored to your specific needs and budget under the supervision of expert real estate agents. We have a team of highly experienced and proficient account managers dedicated to taking your property to the right bidders. We make sure the property reaches out to a lot of prospective buyers. Buyers get full details of the property, including its price, address, features, land size, zoning, etc. enticing them for an open house inspection.


    4)      Proper background check of the buyers to keep you stress-free.

    We have a list of hot buyers who are keen on buying their homes. Among these buyers, we screen out the most suitable buyers for you after thoroughly checking their background. We diligently check their credit history and financial qualifications, then bring them for open house inspection. This way, we guarantee [2] you don’t have to deal with any fraudulent buyers so you sleep easy knowing your property will be in safe hands throughout the sale process.  


    5)      Better negotiation skills ensuring better results.

    At the end of any real estate transaction, it all boils down to an effective negotiation. The better the negotiation, the better the price you can get for your property. We are a better negotiator when it comes to representing your property on the sale. Our team of real estate consultants spends time with each other weekly to fine-tune negotiation skills, so you are assured of getting the price worth your properties. We negotiate every term and condition on your behalf.


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    If you are a property owner in the Southeastern Suburbs and want to sell your property, please feel free to get in touch with us.





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