Eight Qualities Of A Successful Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent is not a straightforward job as it looks from the outside. It is an exhaustive profession and each day can be infused with diverse challenges. Real estate agents continually have to adapt to new challenges and meet wide-ranging clients’ requirements.

Qualified agents understand that they are not selling just a property but the life associated with it. They know that even if selling a property is a time-consuming process, they have to act like a loyal adviser to their clients and act as an impartial expert, so all parties are in a win-win situation.

Successful agents have to be comfortable talking to clients from different walks of life. They should possess an intimate understanding of the areas in which they are operating apart from having an excellent track record of sales history to back up their claim.

Let us look into the major qualities a successful real estate agent should possess, so you choose the best for your requirements:


A Real Estate Agent Should be a Good Communicator

A Real Estate Agent Should be a good communicator

It can really get frustrating for buyers and sellers if the agent is a poor communicator. We know that real estate is a time-sensitive market, and agents who cannot keep you in the loop about the current selling or buying situation cannot expect to break a deal. They also run the risk of wasting precious time on opportunities. A good real estate agent should be in constant contact with both the buyers and sellers and keep them well-informed. So excellent communication is the key in this sector.


An Agent Should be Proactive in Their Approach

A proactive approach towards supporting your client best can lead you to considerable success in the real estate market. The right agents should proactively address their potential buyers, keep in touch with existing customers and always chase new leads. When an agent is proactive, he keeps his clients well informed to make the best buying and selling decision. Remember, if the client keeps calling an agent, he has not informed his client well enough.


A good agent listens well:

Communication and being proactive don’t mean an agent has to talk a lot. If an agent talks too much, a customer can suddenly turn wary of him. The customer should be doing most of the talking and let the agent understand the special needs and requests. A proficient agent should read his clients well and ask more questions than his client should ask him. An agent keeps the clients engaged in their preferred modes of communication like email, text or call. It is vital that as a client, you do not feel ignored by the agent’s silence or pressurized too much by his communication.


An agent should be client-motivated:

As in any business, your efforts should be client-motivated. If your customer gets a good deal, the agent is also awarded handsomely. It is not an overstatement that you should choose an agent who puts his vendors first. A good agent should put his client’s preference on their top priority.


He should know the local area well:

Being a successful real agent entails knowing the local area intimately. Before deciding which agents, you should choose, you must ask them curly questions about the regions, including the bus route, neighbourhood kid’s activities, and local planning regulations. After all, when an agent sells you a property, he also sells the life that comes with it. 


He knows time is of the essence:

Appreciating urgency is critical to any client-agent relationship. A real estate agent’s responsibility is to know if his client is in a hurry to sell or has a scope to extend time. He needs to find out if the client needs a speedy settlement and work accordingly. If the client is not in a hurry to sell, a smart real estate agent can suggest waiting for a better opportunity, so they get a better return on his property.


He should know the motivation behind the sale:

A smart agent knows why an owner is selling his property. He should be able to distinguish the motives behind the client’s action. Agents should ask themselves if the owner is selling his property to buy another property or looking to invest in new avenues, or intend to live in his newly purchased home. All these questions would help an agent to know his client’s motivation. It always helps to know if there is any sentiment attached to the property and act accordingly. There will always be some difference between a client selling one of his five properties than one selling his family home.


References to back up your claims:

You can distinguish who is the best real estate agent by using their past clients as a reference. You should ask them for testimonials and statements from their last 20 clients. Ensure that they are not the agent’s selected clients but the previous 20 clients they have dealt with. The right agent should immediately be able to provide you with positive references anytime.

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