Checklist To Prepare For An Open House Inspection

If you haven’t been through the process of open house inspection before, the idea can be nothing less than tension-filled. An open house inspection means opening the door to impress a potential buyer. We suggest taking a few measures in advance for a successful walk-through, saving you from last-minute hassles.


Here are a few tips to prepare your home for new buyers: 


Clean and Tidy Your Property


“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, take this idea to your heart and apply it to your property. A clean and tidy property always attracts buyers. You must ensure to neat and tidy the whole property. Don’t forget the garden and outside area before a buyer arrives. Dust, vacuum, scrub, wash and buff the area thoroughly if required. If the prospective buyer is more particular, clean inside ovens, wardrobes, and cupboards. Remove any tripping hazards, especially shoes or shoe racks, from the entrance. Clean up the mailbox and rubbish bin. Also, consider removing the rubbish bin out of sight if this is the first thing one sees while arriving at the property.

You can also hire a professional organiser or declutter if you need a hand to support you.


Let The Light and air inside The Home

Let The Light and air inside The Home


Stuffy and damp air inside the house is a big turn-off for the buyers. Air out the rooms thoroughly before inspection to give a fresh and clean feel to the home. Depending on the weather or security arrangements, you should consider crack open a window or two. You can also draw open the curtains and blinds for the airy and bright rooms.


Remove Pets From The Property


Yes, we know you adore your furry friends, but that might not be the case with prospective buyers. One of the biggest turn-offs in the house inspection is telltale of pet and animal smells, especially if it is not the buyer’s pet. Properly deodorise the property to remove the whiff of the animal. Also, confirm with someone else who doesn’t live there about the removed animal smell since you might not be able to recognise the smell because you are too used to it.


Eliminate Nasty Odours


No doubt, the house's visual aspects are vital to the buyer’s interest, but a bad odour can make and break a deal. We should consider removing all smells unpleasant, including stinky shoes or any particular food items. Use air fresheners, flowers, candles, and even freshly brewed coffee to fill the atmosphere with pleasant smells. But guard against going overboard because a buyer will come to see your property and not a perfumery.


Set the Tight Temperature


A comforting blast of cool or hot air, depending on the weather is the warmest welcome you can arrange for the guests. Cool or heat your home to maintain an optimal temperature according to the day. However, avoid increasing or decreasing the temperature considerably since you aim to demonstrate your home can cope with the weather. If the heating or cooling system at home is malfunctioning, consider using a portable cooler or heater strategically in the rooms to make the visit comfortable for the buyer.


Take Control of Security

Before you open your property for a stranger, remove all precious items there by either locking them inside some safe cupboard and drawers or taking them out of the property. This is irrespective of you attending the inspection in person or not. You should check with your insurers about how they cover open house inspections.


Your real agent usually records all the details of people coming for an inspection for keeping track of who visited your home. But you can’t entirely rely on this process. We suggest setting the inspection at a fixed time when you will be personally available to oversee the walk-through. 


Keep Paperwork Ready


It is not often that the visitor makes the final decision at the time of walk-through. But who knows? At the spur of the moment, a decision can be reached! It will not hurt to be ready with all the relevant paperwork and information. Your agent can help you arrange records of renovation history, pest documentation, approvals for further development or any other paper.

You can also add personal touches to the property, like some art piece on the wall or a flower bowl on the table to impress your visitors. Too much evidence of your life, however, can overwhelm the potential buyer. They cannot imagine being themselves in the house and can miss that emotional connection with the property. You should also leave them to wander around the property and explore it independently to forge emotional connection.

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