Stop Doing These Things Right Away To Avoid Home Buyer’s Remorse


After buying a major asset, the mental tension you feel is enough to make you wish you had never signed on the dotted line. You may experience guilt after buying a home, otherwise referred to as home buyer’s remorse. Whether this keeps happening to you or not, but believe it, you're not alone. That's such an incredibly common psychological up-down among home buyers, especially first-timers.

However, we've put together this guide to help you understand this kind of experience beforehand. Once the buying process is complete, avoid falling prey to these emotions. Some people have bought properties and when they did it, they used to love the house. When they soon have those second thoughts and panicked doubts that inevitably arise regarding whether they made the right decision to buy.


Unpredictable yet familiar degree of home buyer’s remorse

There are varying degrees of buyer's remorse. You may buy a $100 Big Bash VIP ticket for the Melbourne derby and feel like overspending, or buy exclusive clothing from a high-end fashion retailer and go through the same thought process.

Some people might even have bought a five-bedroom condo in the Melbourne suburbs and got themselves tied up with a mortgage for decades. Hence, they have been through remorse. Regretting that kind of a decision is regret on a whole different scale!

Everyone has their unique reasons for remorse. The key to getting it in control is to keep your mind open and know and follow the right parameters.  


Anxiety resolving home-buying

It is not difficult to buy a home. All while trying to find the best home for money, juggling the criteria against financial constraints might make things difficult. Avoid such things. It is possible to forget that your homework has already been done, so try to relax and trust your intuition. Here is a list of reasons that will make you feel more positive about your purchase:


Your budget's practicality matters

Create a realistic budget. Constructing a home budget that includes all the big costs lays the thought of finances spiraling out of control to bed. You'll be able to forecast the investments after your money is sorted properly.


Create a list of "wants and needs" 

This basic task helps you prioritise items, like a new roof or urgent maintenance problems, that your new home requires. The wants list should not include all the stuff you like to get, like a modern backyard deck, or a fountain. These are not necessities for the time being. We are talking about buying a house. Right, mate!


Understand the kinds of mortgages

Be sure to check the kinds of mortgages offered to you before you close the deal. Even if you have not been given an alternative by your current broker that seems worth your attention, make sure you grasp the long and short-term financial consequences. You may want to work with only the most reliable real estate broking agencies in the town.


Watch expenses closely

Closing costs often take the home buyers by surprise, as they can make up 3-6% of the overall selling price. You may help bring the closing costs down by trading for points, or demanding that the vendor carries on those costs.

Deal with a realtor having comparatively greater experience. You will be able to trust their advice when opting to partner with someone like Jamine Real Estate who has been through the steps of buying a house. When you find yourself in uncharted territory, the professional advice of an experienced player is invaluable.


Never fall in the trap of comparing your home with new listings

Often it may sound like a lot to handle the urge to return to your favourite real estate listing websites right after buying your dream home to begin to peruse home listings. That’s a trap! Don’t do it. It will make you doubt whether your home buying decision was the right one. You'll find properties that pique your curiosity, which in turn, tickle the remorse of that annoying buyer you wouldn’t want to be.

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Remember your love for your house

Our instinct is to question our major acquisitions, especially when you signed the contract but have not yet settled and moved in. You've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, and you've been locked into a serious mortgage. This might evoke uncertain thoughts.

But do remember, for a reason, you fell in love with your home in the first place before buying it. Write a list of all the good qualities of the home that you love so much and read the list to remind yourself why you purchased the home. You will notice that the doubtful questions do not again invade your mind.


Have You asked all the correct questions?

 This sounds straightforward, but the only way to escape the guilt of home buying is to ask the right questions before you purchase the house. Ask these questions:

 Is your house spacious enough for a family? 

  • In terms of facilities and school zones, is the place right for you? 


  • Is there anything you like to keep all year round in a swimming pool or broad gardens?


  • Do you like the style of the kitchen? 

 Ask all the questions, both small and big. After all, it would be your house. You should have complete control over the deal.


Nothing is permanent

It may be a life-changing decision for most people to buy a home. That doesn't mean they are stuck there for the rest of their life. Even if it has been just a few months since you purchased your house, there's nothing to deter you from selling it. Who knows, you can also make a profit depending on the market! Make the right investments. That’s important. For that, consult Jasmine Real Estate.


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