Secret Tips To Adjust Home For Teenagers

Let's face it! Living with teenagers is a challenge if the space in the family home is a constraint. There are tricks to get better of this problem like you can look to purchase a new home, renovate or build your current home to suit the growing needs of your family. But how often are you ready to spend large amount to build a new house, or do you plan a complete overhaul?

You can, however, use the discussed ideas and make adjustments in your current home to promote a peaceful environment and family harmony. All this without exceeding your budget because we are suggesting only small changes and minor adjustments here.


Bedroom, a “retreat” they would love     


Teenage is that stage of life when your children start being conscious of their privacy. Their bedroom is not only a place to give rest to their bodies; it really becomes their place of “retreat” where they can spend time with mates privately.

Whatever we say, teens are not the fan of keeping their “retreat” in order or, for that matter, they can seldom devote their time to cleanliness. What they seem to be a fan of is “floordrobe”- throw whatever they want on the bedroom floor. You really need to create a proper and organized storage space in their bedroom.

Consider using a huge basket for their dirties and another one to dump rubbish. It may help to keep a semblance of order in the bedroom, at least theoretically!  

According to Mary Thomas from Lynbrook, VIC, a mum of two teenagers - “Bedrooms are actually my boys’ inner sanctum, space they like to “vibe” with their friends. They will always want seating and strip lighting on their list. As parents, we can’t even ignore well-planned wardrobes and maximum ventilation!”

You can use a big de-clutter to take away kinds of stuff that have served their purpose.


Second family room for playtime

How we hate it when our teenage children define their playtime as “screen time”? They like to spend most of their time on social media, online gaming, and watching movies that we can really never understand.

In this case, the converted spare bedroom, also called a second family room, can be a handy option – one for your teenage children and one for you.

This spare family bedroom can be a great opportunity to take them out of their “retreat” and spend quality time in the family home. The advantage of a family room is they would get space to enjoy with their friend and the privacy the teenage group longs for. Take special care to furnish and finish this room with casual yet functional pieces such as bean bags and oversized floor cushions for lounging. Block-out blinds or curtains will ensure your children’s privacy and control over their environment, so they feel comfortable whenever they come to this room.


Poolside, a hangout inside your fence


Teens may not like cubby houses anymore, but pools cannot go out of flavour!

You might want to construct a pool outside, which can be the new favourite hangout spot for your teenage children and their mates. Beware! Hangouts at the poolside may turn boisterous sometimes, but isn’t it better than your boys and girls hanging out in town?


The kitchen, the centre of your home and more

Teenagers all over have the same mantra – Sleep, eat, repeat! The kitchen is their favourite place - well of course - after their bedroom! You can lure them out of their bedroom with a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator in the kitchen.

Some parents are even smarter - they bake.

 “I enjoy baking. Rick hovers around for food if he knows I’m baking. When the aroma of freshly baked cakes floats upstairs, I see him getting enticed and come to see what’s cooking.” says Mary Thomas with a smile.

Foods have a fantastic mode of connecting with people. It’s a family affair at Mary Thomas as all families come together to prepare a meal which is an excellent excuse to bond with each other. And what’s more? She can also enjoy a “screen-free” meal with her children!

In most homes, even today, a large eat-in kitchen is trendy. Elegant and comfortable stools around the bench or a kitchen table nearby can create a hub where each member of your family can drop by anytime and enjoy quality time while eating.


A separate place for study 

If your children are in the early teen, the kitchen benchtop or dining table is sufficient for space to study. After all, it can provide you with an opportunity to supervise their work closely. As they grow older, it is wiser to create a separate study space for them. You can simply set up a bench in the bedroom or designate a different room for study altogether. It will help the teenagers cope well with increasing homework assignments away from stress or even give them time for self-study. 


Easy access to transport

If your teens fancy you dropping them in places, they have every right to do so. After all, as parents, wouldn’t you want them to look cool? If you want to upgrade your living space, don’t forget to accommodate easy access to transport for your teens. They should be able to jump on the bus or a train with minimum support from their parents. Help them become independent!

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