Top Tips To Make Your Property RentReady In 2021

We are back after the holidays!
Our team at Jasmine Real Estate operates at full swing now and is ready to help the landlords do their planning for the months ahead. Last year has been tough on many fronts. In the wake of the challenges, we faced in 2020, the bayside suburbs' rental market was affected significantly. Since things are improving gradually in 2021, the year promises to be healthier in terms of return on your investments. It's that time of year when one should look at ways to maximise the return on their rental properties and increase asset value. Pro-actively inspecting your property and addressing any pending issues will go a long way to enhance the value of your rental property.
Here are some key tips to consider that can positively impact the returns you might expect from your property.
Create extra space:
With the changed time, working from home is the new norm now. You may consider creating an extra bedroom or office space within your property to be utilized as a new workspace. This will boost the appeal of your property and make it more worthwhile for rentals.
Upgrade your kitchen: 
It doesn’t hurt to upgrade the kitchen of your property at any time of the year. The kitchen is the key area that always appeals to a tenant the most. You should look to refurbish the kitchen if required to turn your rental more appealing to prospective tenants.
Renovate the bathroom: 
Like a kitchen, a well-maintained bathroom is another area that attracts the tenants the most. Will the facelift of the bathroom increase the appeal of your rental property or a small change here and there do the trick? Ask our experts before you venture into renovating the property.
Repair and replace timely: 
It is always better to be pro-active in renovation than let your tenants suffer due to your property's faulty systems or equipment. If your rental space is in between tenants, what better time than now to check and fix all property faults? Don’t wait for the services to be on their last leg. Repair or replace them on time to save your tenants from distress.
Having said all this, we would also advise not to rush into effecting any changes to your rental property before you get expert advice from the professionals. We, at Jasmine Real Estate, know the rental market in and around the South Eastern Suburbs. We can advise you on the best way to prepare your rental property to bring the maximum return and increase the asset value.
If you have any questions regarding your rental property or want a piece of advice on the property market in general in your area, get in touch with us. Our property management team will address your queries at the earliest. Reach us at +61 425 843 786 to rent your property with Jasmine Real Estate



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