How To Change Property Management Companies?

How To Change Property Management Companies?

Signs you might need to change your Property Manager.

Have you thought about your relationship with your Property Manager recently? While everything may seem to be running smoothly at first glance, there may be signs that suggest it’s time to switch. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to evaluate the quality of your property management service:

§  Are your communications responded to promptly, or do you have to follow up emails and calls?

§  Does rent come into your account consistently, or do you find it being transferred at various times each month? Do you have a consistent frequency, weekly or monthly? Or do you receive payment immediately after it is credited to your agent’s Trust Account?

§  When tenants move out, how long does it take for the property to be filled?

§  Are tenants being thoroughly screened for credit history and suitability?

§  Are routine inspections conducted in a timely manner?

§  Are you being charged hidden fees that weren’t made clear upon signing?

§  Are repairs / maintenance carried out promptly by quality, registered tradespeople?

If any of these points raise any red flags, it might be time to reconsider.  You deserve the very best service from your property manager and Jasmine Real Estate aims to deliver. But how easy is it to change?

Jasmine Real Estate facilitates an easy change over --

§  All you need to do is inform us that you’d like us to take over the management of your property portfolio by signing a Rental Management Authority.

§  We do the work of contacting your current agency, informing them of your decision and we request that the required paperwork be sent directly to our office.

§  We double check all the paperwork on your behalf.

§  We notify your tenants in writing. We then welcome the tenants personally via phone and walks them through our orientation process.

§  Jasmine Real Estate becomes your new management agency (as of the agreed date) and life carries on seamlessly.

§  We arrange a property inspection to update the existing condition report (if required) and keep you informed each step of the way.

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