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    Stop Doing These Things Right Away To Avoid Home Buyer’s Remorse

      After buying a major asset, the mental tension you feel is enough to make you wish you had never signed on the dotted line. You may experience guilt after buying a home, otherwise referred to as home buyer’s remorse. Whether this keeps happening to you or not, but believe it, you're not alone. That's such an incredibly common psychological up-down among home buyers, especially fir...

    What Is Considered Fair Wear And Tear At A Rental Property?

      In a rental house, what is considered general wear and tear and how does it vary from property damage? To secure their rights as tenants, anybody intending to rent a property must first be comfortable with the distinction between the two concepts. Who is responsible for property maintenance? The likelihood of conflicts between the owner and the occupant are very high because the...

    Secret Tips To Adjust Home For Teenagers

    Let's face it! Living with teenagers is a challenge if the space in the family home is a constraint. There are tricks to get better of this problem like you can look to purchase a new home, renovate or build your current home to suit the growing needs of your family. But how often are you ready to spend large amount to build a new house, or do you plan a complete overhaul? You can, however,...

    Top 6 Property Investor Resolutions For 2021

    A landlord has to be a multi-tasker; he has to juggle with numerous responsibilities. He collects rent and his duties involve being a negotiator, conflict solver, repairman, and salesperson. These responsibilities often take a back seat due to busy schedules or negligence (Yeah, let us confess it!).    Since it is the start of the new year, one should re-think and refine his r...

    Real Estate Auction Myths Busted

    As the global marketplace is becoming more converged, the popularity of real estate auctions is rising tenfolds. Although these auctions are the most transparent method of dealing with properties, there are certain misconceptions associated with the same. In this article, we would try to bust the myths associated with real estate auctions. The myths that we are about to discuss include ever...

    Top Tips To Make Your Property RentReady In 2021

    . We are back after the holidays!   Our team at Jasmine Real Estate operates at full swing now and is ready to help the landlords do their planning for the months ahead. Last year has been tough on many fronts. In the wake of the challenges, we faced in 2020, the bayside suburbs' rental market was affected significantly. Since things are improving gradually in 2021, the year ...

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